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Cynthia & Peter 1 (1)

Exclusive Interview with PETER THOMAS; Real Housewives of Atlanta star.


Peter Thomas is what you would call a phenomenal entrepreneur!  He has made significant strides in the pioneering of magazines, showcases and awards and leading growth into Miami’s and Atlanta’s restaurant and club scenes.

He is the founder and CEO of Peter Thomas Entertainment Group (PTEG). He has been in the business over 30+ years and has developed a reputation of delivering a grand experience in nightclubs, restaurants, concert and entertainment productions. He is the owner of the hottest spot in Atlanta bar ONE which is located in the Grant Park area that opened in October of 2011. Peter knew that building a brand is everything. With the success of bar ONE Atlanta, he has decided to expand with another location opening up soon in Charlotte North Carolina in the heart of uptown Charlotte.

EARLY DAYS: Before his start in the entertainment industry, fresh out of college he decided to be a Social worker in Brooklyn. After working with over 300 families for a few years he realized he couldn’t change a lot of lives because at that time people didn’t want to really be taken off of food stamps and welfare so he decided to do something else. He worked briefly in construction work with his dad for six months. After that he started doing a few fashion shows and started to profit from it. Later he made a move to Miami where he began to promote events at nightclubs. After working the nightclub scene at Club Manhattan in Miami he later purchased it and was the owner and operator from 1986-1990. He also had a stint as owner of 5th Street Nightclub (1988-91), the first black-owned club in South Beach. “I haven’t looked back since”.

Peter took a brief intermission from the restaurant and club scene and was then Europe bound when he took a position at Rush Management in London, from 1991-1993 as President of Rush Management U.K. There, he worked in P.R., tour coordination and artist management and helped to integrate Hip-hop to the UK with various tours, including Snoop Dogg, Dr.Dre.ONYX, Public Enemy, etc.

From 1993-1997, Peter worked as a consultant for Def Jam. Peter co-founded Source Entertainment, and launched the Source Awards, Source All Access and Source Sound Lab on UPN (now My9). In 2000, he returned to Miami as a consultant for Krave and Static nightclubs. He then went on to open up Barcode Restaurant and Lounge in Miami, 2000-2005.

Cynthia & Peter 1 (1)

WHATS NEW: Recently as much as just two weeks ago Peter became the Vice President of entertainment of Uptown Magazine.

He is also about to change reality TVs perception by introducing the FIRST unscripted Reality Awards Show in November of this year. Over 300 reality stars are going to be under one roof. You heard it here first! This will be a black tie event. There will be several categories to look forward to and several awards to be given out. This will be THE event to attend and sure to make a big impact on a broader perception of what reality TV stars are all about.

BUSINESS PLAN 101: Peter’s rules for good business is to keep business and personal situations separate. There are many rules to follow but you have to be very disciplined. “Find out who you are and walk the walk. Don’t stop. Block the haters out. You re not going to get anywhere by standing still”.

THE KNOWN AND UNKNOWN:  “Most people don’t know that I’m really a nice guy”. He may be portrayed slightly arrogant on the show but he wants people to know that he truly is a nice guy. He says he lost all of his money in Uptown and all of his business was on a reality show but he didn’t try to dress it up; he let the public know. He says that he is real and the public is his biggest supporter. “Most people come to bar ONE just because they want to see me make it”. He had an opportunity for people to see him and his wife Cynthia Bailey, Real Housewives of Atlanta star. People gravitate towards him and Cynthia because they are real. He talks highly of his wife. “Cynthia Bailey was Cynthia Bailey before Atlanta Housewives; she grew up in New York fashion industry; her popularity is crazy”. He says that they can’t pretend to be something they’re not. “We are not Love and Hip Hop; we are the Atlanta Housewives. It is, what it is.

CYNTHIA BAILEY: Peter loves his wife. He talked about her with great passion during the interview. Cynthia Bailey’s Model Search is coming up August 25-26. They are trying to find talent all over the south and give them a shot. “It’s a big thing”. For more information go to . Also in September there will also be the annual Ms. Renaissance Pageant.

TAYLANG’S SIGNATURE QUESTION: If you were in another part of the world where no one knew who Peter Thomas was; how would you introduce yourself?

“I am so confident in who I am it is crazy. My name is Peter Thomas and this is what I am about and I am going to make it happen, Let’s Go”.

Thanks to Double XXposure for the interview opportunity and to Peter Thomas!


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